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We believe there is enormous untapped potential within everyone and every business
—Q2Action will improve an organisation’s performance by developing teams and individuals to release their true potential

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TrackIt Solutions

Mancroft International

Mumford and Wood

Page Bros

Mamelok Papercraft

Marston and Langinger

M&K Commercials

Copsey Engineering

Indigo Swan

Castle Colour Press





Epos Now

East Anglian Air Ambulance

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Business Diagnostics

How healthy is your business?

  • The process always begins with a meeting where we identify areas that might be holding your business back.
  • Questions we might ask you:
  • What are you hoping to ACHIEVE?
  • What WORRIES you?
  • What are the BARRIERS to your success?
  • Give your KEY STAFF marks out of ten?
  • How are you releasing the POTENTIAL?
  • Do you gain enough NEW BUSINESS?
  • If you don’t MEASURE IT– how do you MANAGE IT?
  • If you could improve ONE THING what would it be?
  • What’s UNIQUE about your business?
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Staff Development & Training

Unleashing the potential in your key people

  • There are key fundamental psychological elements that impact your performance in any field or discipline.
  • Through our bespoke training services; seminars, workshops and programmes, together with 1-2-1 coaching, we deliver the tools and applications to help you and your people move efficiently towards greater performance.
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Sales & Marketing Plans

Is your pipeline full and managed efficiently?

  • New business is the life blood of most businesses – we know that if you concentrate on getting the activity right the results will follow.
  • We will develop results-focused training for your team to meet the challenges of your business environment.
  • Sales modules:
  • Gaining New Business
  • The Sales Platform
  • Sales Activity – Quality / Quantity / Direction
  • Sales Management – Leadership Plans
  • Selling Solutions
  • Writing Persuasive Proposals
  • Selling Psychologically
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Balance Score Card

Get your finger on the pulse of your business with a balanced scorecard

  • The Balanced Scorecard is an extremely effective business management tool, allowing you immediate access to information about how your business is performing.
  • The Balanced Scorecard approach can be applied to businesses and organisations of all sizes, structures and in different sectors and industries.
  • It offers a dashboard view of up to 25 metrics which measure your business’ performance, and can be crucial in helping you make the right business decisions.
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Developing a trust culture

Culture is king

  • Companies with high levels of trust enjoy greater success.
  • Why measure culture and trust?
  • Culture is a lead indicator; soft measures eventually become hard ones
  • It’s the biggest block to continuous improvement and engagement
  • It’s the main source of failures in mergers and acquisitions
  • Most HR Managers see culture as critical, but few know if it’s changing
  • Companies with high levels of trust enjoy higher stock prices, improved profits, and better retention of key employees.
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  • Simon helped shake up our digital marketing strategy resulting in significant increasesin traffic. Last year was our best year so far.

    Chris Taylor- Director at Premier Control Technologies

  • Simon has been af key catalystin our recent growth. His guidance and mentoring has been extremely useful.

    Jeff Brooker MD at Fleur Developments

  • Simon has helped us think through the future of the businesswith the development of a business plan to support future growth

    Dave Broom The Dioceses of Norwich


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